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3D Pano Viewer Professional enables people to interact with panoramas allowing them to look around, zoom in and out and look up and down, examine several panos in one applet, move from a pano to a pano, use a navigation panel, create panorama tours - all this creates a feeling of real being inside a 3D panorama. High quality software bilinear render. High speed viewer. Support of 360 degree and partial panoramas. Support of Spherical and Cylindrical panoramas . External functions for control from HTML code. Full navigation using a mouse, keyboard and different navigation panels. Support of static and dynamic hotspots. Extended hotspot customizing (can use a mask, transparent objects, popup visible). Image and window size are limited by system memory only. Package all files into one self-displaying tour using the jar or zip archive. Zoom in/out panoramas. Automatical image rotation. Adjustment of the rotation speed and direction. Adjustment of the CPU usage. Adjustment of the browsing quality Support of "Multi Pano Tour" mode.

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